Pisa 2005

Kushite Egyptians at Pisa

With the demise of the World Teams at Derby in October this year was the ideal time for a trip abroad. An elite team of Huw Peregrine-Young, Gary Buckley, Phil Jelley and myself assembled ready for battle. Ok, ok, its actually a team of anyone that fancied a jolly in Italy. I took Kushite Egyptian for the bk 1 period, really because I like the army rather than its fighting prowess.


Command 1- CinC Cv(S), 6 cv(S), 9 Ax(O), 4 Bw(O), 9 ps(O)

Command 2- SG Cv(O), 8 Cv(O), 12 bw(O), 8 Ps(O)

Command 3- SG Cv(O), 1 Cv(O), 1 Ax(O), 1 Ps(O)

Command 4- Libyan Egyptian AG Cv(S), 1 Cv(S), 10 Wb(S), 10 Ps(I), 3 Bw(I), 1 Bd(I)


Basic Plans

where possible stick the Wb(S) into something squichy and overwhelm enemy mounted with the massed Bw and cv(O) and (S).

Games 1 and 2

Games 3 and 4



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