PISA 2005


Game 1- Neo- Babylonian

Basic plan butcher the Neo-bab right wing while doing utterly nothing on my right.

My lone delayer (bless him) he'd eventually die after nailing himself to the Neo-Bab CinC for 3 bounds

The Basic plan worked and my left crushed the Neo-Bab cavalry(S) and bw(X), killing two Generals in the process and taking down the army. I lost my right flank command after reverting to 3.0 shooting factors (doh!) which wrecked my massed bw(O) against his bw(X), particularily as we didnt forget he made change :o(


GAME 2- New Kingdom Egyptian

Basic plan push the warband down the middle and try and get the bow into his chariot and bow(I) on my left. While the micro command and the cavalry hid in ambush in a dune to the rear of my left flank hoping to exploit any over reaching on what appeared to be my vunerable flank and keep my opponent holding reserves against a flank march.

one file of wb(S) breaks away from the block to threaten the flank of the bd(F). my chariots deploy to delay his left wing.

Plan worked pretty much as planned though the expected target of bd(F) got out of the way of the warband. However the chariots once recoiled into the rough going went down very quickly against the three deep wb(S). the single file of wb(S) that chased the bd(F) created havoc against them and the bw(I), especially when joined by the cinc.

Game 3 and 4

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