PISA 2005

Game 3- Libyan Egyptian

Plan was to throw massed cv(O) and cv(S) at his right flank, which was held by 6 cv(S) and massed ps(O)/(I) in the open. Delay in the middle and try and get my Meshwesh wb(S) into his bw(I) in the rough going on my right.

My left where a utter lack of pips would stop them playing any part in the game.

I deployed the ax(O) too far forward and they were rapidly over whelmed by the massed wb(S).

My cavalry(S) chariots were apparantly made of rubber as his chariots blew through them in two bounds. The question of who had the real invincible meshwesh was also answered and my army went down 0:10 in old money :o(


GAME 4- Neo-Sargonid

The almost total lack of terrain except a dune and a bit of rging on my left flank rather dictated my deployment. My army couldnt stand in front of a Neo-Sargonid army in the open.

So the Meshwesh went into ambush in the dune and the CinC's command covered the gap to the bit of rging. The micro command deployed behind the CinC and the massed bow flank marched on my left.

Plan was to delay with the cinc's command and depending on what faced off against the dune hold or release the wb(S).

The small cavalry command on the Sargonid right was too tempting a target for the wb(S) and with the bw command indicating its arrival in turn 1. The Libyans burst from cover and closed on the cavalry and threatening the flank of the Sargonid spear in the centre.

Everything going to plan.

The arrival of the flank march in bound 2 and the over commit on the Sargonid cv(S) meant the Sargonids were unable to recover from the double blow on their right flank and the army collapsed pretty quickly.

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