Game 3 Beja (camels, shudder)

The Beja Left (seeing a pattern yet?)

My left, the cv(O) and Ax(O) were there to lure his cm(S) over the dunes, oh boy did that work!

I hadn't counted on my opponent having 4 6's for his pips one after another. So my expendable ambush in the dunes was not very effective. My original plan was lure them in, release the exp and break him into penny packets so I could pick himoff piece meal. A big failure :o(

The centre by the end of the game.

Ouch! you takes yer chances, eventually went down 7:3, the CinC's command is about to die in the above photo. Not too upset though as I expected a severe mauling by Beja types anyway.


Game 4 Nikophorian Byzantine

I fancied my chances here, if I could get around his flanks.

The Nikophorian left. facing mostly thin air.

My left/centre

several bounds later.

drat, despite repeated mental notes to self I did the combats in the wrong order. Recoiled a hd(I) behind my cv and lost an entire file. I held on but could no longer make head way, stalling the game to a 4:6 loss.

My right, its becoming a habit.

Game 5 and 6

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