Game 5 -Feudal Spanish (late version with Kn(S) and kn(O))

Guess what my right again!

The left looks tempting

My opponent managed the required 3 or more to save the day but his command was left isolated with no where near enough pips to affect the outcome on my left.

The Kn(S) broke through the hd(I), the Hd(I) on the flanks turned in, light horse came up to provide overlaps. 4 dead kn(S) demoralising the command, my CinC munches the baggage breaking the Spanish on accumulated losses for a 32:0.

Game 6 against Khitan Liao.

Unfortunately my batteries went flat. So no piccies. Breaking with tradition I delayed on my left. Biig mistake, bound 1 I had 5 Khitan kn(F) + lh support and a mongol ally up close and personal. The expendables and a couple of delaying cv(O) held long enough for my to punch straight through teh Khitan bd(F) and cv(O)/cv(I) in the centre and with minor losses on his other commands was enough to break them. Giving me a 31:1



All the games were fun. Not sure I would like to run Timurid in a major competition again, despite placing fifth. I was very lucky with the draw, facing some relatively inexperianced players. My highest ranked opponent was the Beja, seeded 8th for the competition.

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