Having used Light horse armies for the best part of a year I decided on a change for the Rollcall High Medieval. I decided to take Philip the Good's Early Burgundian. No Lh or Ps and a fair mix of bd, pk and bw.


Game 1, Jerry's Italian Condotta (Venetians in Italy).

No significant terrain, other than a wide river placed by me to narrow the table. Neither side bothered to cross it during the game. The game started with mist, both sides slowly advanced towards each other.

The mist covered battlefield. Just prior to the crunch of the two lines.

The mists lift. Burgundian Bd(S) get stopped dead by two deep Pk(O)!, while a solitary Venetian Knight runs rampant through the bow. The Burgundian's French Allies ready themselves to intervene. The lone Venetian avenger would break the Burgundian command, only to be mugged by the French while the understandably annoyed Burgundian sub General, returns the favour by breaking the Venetian CinC's command. Ending the game, 27-5 in my favour (9-1)

The Burgundian Valets (cv(O)) engage the Venetian Stradiots. The Valets would break this command in the last bound. Philip the Good waits for the Venetian Bd(F) to break through his English mercenaries.

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