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Added battle reports from my weekend at the BHGS Challenge (some piccies)


very minor update, I have added this link to the History links page.

Military art of Croatia, very good illustrations from Croatia's history


World Championship Photo pages added


Battle of Kossovopolje added to Hungarian Battles page (included maps of the battle)


Battle of Varna added to Hungarian Battles page (included maps of the battle)


Hungarian Tactics and Battles page added, Covers battles up until 1443. Battles of Varna, Kossovo and Belgrade to follow.



Added two pictures of Teutonic Order sculptures from Marienburg castle. Kindly provided by Jaroslaw Kudaj. Teutonic Picture Gallery.


Hungarian Pages added to website. The Hungarian Battles page and the DBM page will hopefully be up within a couple of days.


Polish picture pages reorganised and thumbnailed.


Added pictures of my recently finished Later Polish army to the Polish Picture Galleries Please excuse the long download times for these pages. An unreliable PC has forced a rapid upload to a 'secure' location. I will thumbnail and create separate pages for the pictures as soon as I get a chance.


Added some pictures of my Khitan Liao army.


Main information page for the Teutonic Order and Their Standards at Tannenberg added. Few more banners added to Polish standards page (now split in two for quicker download)


Download for 15mm Polish banners added to Polish DBM page. Site mirrored at Mirrored site as the Tiscali site has occasional overload problems.


Main information page for Moldavia added, including the battle of Obertyn 1531 AD.


currently the Medieval German, Polish, Lithuanian, Battle of Tannenberg, Hussite and Warwagons pages are up. No pictures for these pages at the moment. I have yet to master painting and typing at the same time. I have also included pictures of my 15mm Early Imperial Romans and my First Crusaders.


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