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15mm Banners for the Teutonic Army

I have included a download for the banners used for Danny's army.

Banner download 500kb


Below is some advice on choosing a Teutonic Order army. This was kindly provided by Martin Ossa-Bordes.

Choosing a basic 400p Teutonic Order Army:

By Martin Ossa-Bordes.

Army List construction

Get all the Lh(f) & use them as filler (but very useful filler), get min Lh(o) - why, (f) are
for setting you up, (o) are for tricking you into thinking you can match it with other mtd groups
- don't do it.

Get min Kn - you can't afford more & more doesn't mean better, get them to the right spot & min
should be more then adequate in most circumstances.

Always get the Reg German Kn's as (o) - you lose too much width by having them as (i) (& in
this army you don't need to lose more frontage).

Get all the cheap foot you can buy & use these as filler who can help your mtd out against other
mtd if you need to.

Spread your Kn's into 2 groups, an offensive group (the (s)) & a defensive group (the (o) with a
(s) gen).

Always set the Kn's up well back to start with, if you don't get them exactly were you need em,
your likely to lose a lot of games.

Don't waste your time fighting in terrain - you don't have the numbers to win in any piece bigger
then a 20c piece, at best you might hold some for a few bounds - so best to just forget it
completely & spend your points elsewhere.

Try to combine groups that move at similar speeds and pip costs i.e. the Rg Bw with the Rg Sp,
& the Irr Bw with the Irr Sp.

Don't have an all foot cmd - its a waste, mix them with Lh & use whichever group is less useful
in that particular game as filler (but just remember that the whole army is filler for the Kn's).

The 1 reg Bw(s) mixed with the Irr foot is a god send - he can make a huge difference - but don't
rely on him to do it alone.

Have 3 x 19 EE at 400AP. Keep it simple, & always be aware of your surroundings as this list is
very brittle if you get lazy in anyway whatsoever.

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