Swiss Army 1477

figures are all from Mirliton. A dream to paint. As a personal preference

I have replaced the supplied Pikes with Xyston's spears.

Many thanks to Martin Stephenson of Vexillia who rushed me some emergency packs of figures at very short notice.

Used at the 2004 SOA Leeds doubles to fine effect, placing Sixth.

The swiss flags are from the Fanaticus website

The Burgundian flags in the baggage and Rene's flag are from the Warflag website

The bulk of the Swiss deployed and ready.

Halberdiers of the Gewalthut (centre) sweep out from behind the main Pike Phalanx.

Side on view

Halberdiers of the Nachhut (rearguard) perform a similar manouvre

another view of the same

The Paymaster Duc Rene of Lorraine holds his Knights in reserve

Swiss baggage train comprising a large number of Burgundian souvenirs, including Organ guns and standards.

Another view

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