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Battlefront suppliers of the flames of war range of miniatures..

Dom's Decals an excellent range of 15mm WW2 decals.

Antenociti's workshop Brilliant range of modelling and scenic supplies.

Current Ebay Auctions (My Ebay id is tarnowski1)


Some examples of my Painting

Latest stuff
German Das Reich T34 Panzers, Kursk
Soviet Tankovy/Rota, Kursk
Sovet Naval Infantry, 'the Black Death'
Sovet Winter Armour
Sturm Tigers
Fallschirmjager Army
Italian Motocyclisti Army
Household cavalry, Armoured Car Regiment, Guards Division 1944
2nd Battalion, Grenadier Guards, Guards Division 1944
6th Airborne Armoured Recon Squadron 1500 points FOW
7th AD Cromwell troop 1
7th AD Cromwell troop 2
7th AD Cromwell troop 3
7th AD Cromwell HQ troop
7th AD Achilles AT Battery
Commando troop
7th AD Sexton battery
7th AD 6 pounder battery
7th AD Recon troop
7th AD Motor Platoon
17 pounder Battery
Para Cromwell platoon
Airlanding 17 pounder Battery
British Tetrarch Recce platoon
British Para MG platoon
British Para mortar platoon
British airlanding 6 pounders with ruined church terrain piece.
Achilles Tank Destroyers
British Tetrarch Recce platoon
Westminster Dragoons Flail Shermans
British Airlanding 75mm Artillery
Centaur Battery
13/18 Hussars, Normandy
Airlanding 75mm Battery
7th Armoured Sexton Battery
50th Division Priest Battery
Centaur Battery
6th Airbourne Blitz platoon
British Para machine gun platoon
British Para Recon platoon
Churchill Crocodiles
Churchill AVRE
Sexton Battery and HQ
British Airlanding 17 Pounders
British Tetrarch Recce platoon
13/18th Hussars DD Shermans
2nd_SS Panzer Division
21st Panzer Division Stug Battalion
21st Panzer Division Tank Battalion
503rd Schwere Panzerabteilung
German 88mm Battery
German JagdPanzers
German Panzer Grenadier HQ
German Panzer Grenadier Platoon 1
German Static Rocket Launcher
German Panzer Grenadier Platoon 2
German Panzer Grenadier Hvy Platoon
German 105mm Artillery Battery


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