I have listed as many of the books I have used as I can remember. There are others dotted about in my notes and as I find them I will update this page. At the moment only secondary sources are listed, I will try to put in Primary sources as soon as possible. I am afraid many of the books used for this site are either very specialised or in the relevant native languages. Some of the books are available to buy in the UK and I have marked them as such. A likely supplier is listed at the bottom of the page. Other books may be available through Inter-University loans (if this still operates) from the library collections of the SSEES (School of Slavic and Eastern European Studies) and Imperial College, London. That said some are restricted to use within their libraries. Much additional information was supplied by the late, Professor Les Collins of the SSEES. These notes and papers were unfortunately never published, the Professor prefered his research to his publisher! I am attempting to contact his executors to see if I can publish some of his material on this site.



Armies of the Middle Ages, vol 1 and 2- Ian Heath, A must have. Especially for the select bibliographies.


* titles and/or authors so marked may be inaccurate! Notes for the bibliography suffered a coffee accident.

John Zizka and the Hussite Revolution- Frederick Heymann,

ok, some info on tabors, reasonable background read.

Osveta*- J. Perwolf, published in 1873, II volumes. some info on Tabors (p819 onwards, vol II)

Sbornik Zizkov- Urbanek, excellent but in Czech, very good plates/diagrams

Lipany a konec polnich vojsk- Urbanek, good but also in Czech

Husitite Voyensive*, J Dandik, also in Czech

Armiata Hunyadi*, L Glelen, Hungarian (I think, been 10 years since I made notes from it), sections on Hungarian use of the Tabor, relevant to the Hussites.

The Hussite wars, Count Lutzow, hard to get hold of. Published 1914

The Life and Times of Master John Hus, Count Lutzow, hard to get hold of. Published 1909

Unpublished Notes and Papers of Professor Collins SSEES



Rycerstwo Polskie X-XV Centuries (Polish Knights/Chivalry)- Robert Zukowski, excellent book, only available in Polish but has 8 very good colour drawings of Polish Knights and numerous diagrams and bw pictures of manuscript pages (mostly heraldic). Sections on the battles of Cedynia (972), Legnica (1241) and Tannenberg(1410). In my opinion worth buying for the illustrations alone. Available in the UK

Banderia Apud Grunwald (banners of Grunwald,) by A. Klien, N Sekunda and K.czernielewski, Two books covering Polish and Teutonic standards, See Polish standards page for a description, worth buying. Available in the UK

Jazda Polska 1450-1550 (Polish cavalry 1450-1550)- Artur Gruntman. Like the Osprey men-at-arms series. Only in Polish. Plenty of illustrations/pictures, 6 colour pages. It is about 6 uk pounds so worth buying. Available in the UK.

Bron I Uzbrojenie Tatarow (arms and armour of the Tatars)- J Gutowski. In Polish and English. A catalogue of pictures of tatar equipment from Polish and other collections. Available in the UK.

Militaria Malborskie (arms and armour of Malbok Castle)- Chodynski,A R. In Polish, series of pamphlets on the exhibits in the castle. Available in the UK.

Numerous books by William Urban, His own page lists what is available and provides some 'tasters' of the texts. Excellent factual content.

Unpublished Notes and Papers of Professor Collins SSEES including Spieralski's Art of War in Poland.