Teutonic Banners at Tannenberg


Teutonic Banners at Tannenberg Page 2

Additional information, where available, can be found by placing your mouse curser over the banner.

Great Banner of the GrandMaster

Lesser Banner of the GrandMaster

Banner of the Order

Duke Casimir V of Stettin

Komturia of Torun

Komturia of Ragnit

Bishopric of Sambia

Grand Komturia

Komturia of Althaus

Komturia of Tuchel

Hired Knights of Westfalia

Komturia of Danzig

Komturia of Strassburg

Borough of Brunsberg

German hired Knights

Komturia of Leszken

Borough of Bartenstien

Komturia of Osterode

Komturia of Elbing

Banners of the German Knights

Or alternatively Banners of Gdansk


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