Early Imperial Roman Picture Gallery

Some pictures of my 15mm Early Imperial Roman army. All the figures are 15mm Essex miniatures. This army is based on the campaigns of Germanicus in 16AD. The Legions are all correct for the campaigns, although their shield designs are a best guess. the 'Night sky' Praetorian shield is accurate but without the eagle wings of the original as otherwise the design would have been too cramped

Click on the pictures for a larger version. Some of the Thumbnails on this page only show part of a larger picture. The full size pictures will open in a separate window.


Now Sold, Sob.


Early Imperial Roman Army Praetorians

Praetorians2 Gemina with Artillery

Legio Gemina Legio Gallica

Legio Valeria Judean Auxilia

Auxilia Moorish Light Horse

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