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15mm Banners for Polish Army

I have included a download for the banners shown on the Polish Banners of Tannenberg page. These have been reduced down to a size suitable for 15mm figures. A preview of the file can be found at Polish 15mm Banners Note the banners appear larger than the printed version!

the file is a Jpg, to download it right click on the link below and choose 'save target as'

Banner_download (the filesize is approx 500K)

You will probably need to play around with the print size as I found many picture packages do 'funny' things to the image. It was drawn on coral draw and printing from this package seems to give the best results.

Please note the banners are for personal use only. Should you wish to display or link them from your website you may do so on the condition that a link to my home page is displayed alongside, in text comparible to the rest of the page.

Alternative List for Later Polish (List 66, Book 4)

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