Tannenberg map, Middle Phase

Tannenberg map, Middle Phase


1- Polish reserves split to reinforce centre and attack Order far right.

2- Bohemian banners having fallen back after Lithuanian retreat move to form a new combat line along with part of the centre second line and reserves.

3- Polish cavalry in ambush hit pursuing Crusader Knights, Lithuanians rally and join them. Crusader Knights are pushed into the marshes and destroyed.

4- Order Knights halt their pursuit and join Von Wallenrod's reserves in attacking Polish right flank.

5- Von Wallenrod's reserves swing into Polish right but are held up by the Russian cavalry, allowing the Polish reserves to form a new combat line.

6- Crusader Knights rally from pursuing Tatar light horse and reinforce Von Wallenrod's flank attack.

7- Part of the Lithuanian forces flee the battlefield.



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